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Short-Term Scientific Missions

A COST-concept of particular interest to young scientists

Short Scientific Missions (STSMs) allow scientists to learn from an institution or laboratory normally in another COST-country. Young researchers could learn a new technique and also to take or to process measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory. In addition, their can share possitve experiences and exchange knowledge with other specialists.

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STSM from Spain to Greece...Telling my experience


ImageCOST-STSM-FA1101-10686 by Dr. Omar Santana

During the period from 20 may 2012 to 20 june 2012 Dr. Omar Santana performed a scientific research in the Laboratory of General Chemistry of the Agricultural University of Athens under the scientific guidance of Prof. Moschos Polissiou. The main goal of this mission was the phytochemical characterization of bioactive microextracts from Crocus leaves by using liquid chromatography copled with mass spectrometry (LC-MS).

Chromatogram from Crocus Sativus Leaves

This work, carried out together, allowed to complement the biological characterisation of some vegetable micro-extracts carried out in the source Laboratory (Spain), with the phytochemical characterisation by using modern chromatographic techniques currently available in the host institution (Greece).

The STSM has permitted to obtain impressive ahievements in a short period of time. The preliminary results obtained in this research bring a new approach in the characterization of Crocus species, including saffron, based on the studies of structure-activity relationships. In this connection, we can conclude that LC-MS represents a robust technique for the chemical characterization of Crocus leaves. Quantitative and qualitative differences for the major compounds identified may suggest the use of this technique for chemical characterization of plant extracts and for studies of structure-activity relationships including antioxidant, antifeedant and phytotoxic activities.

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Working together
During the one-month STSM, Dr. Santana has achieved the following scientifc returns:
1- A scientific contribution to the "Book of Abstracts" of saffronomics action (Page 162) and,
2- A compilation of data and support to write a paper to be published in a SCI Journal.

Image Strengthening the existing networks
The author are very gratefull to the Prof. Polissiou´s group and specially to Mrs. Konstantina Astraka for the assistance in organization of my investigation. This team agreed to collaborate with us in the future. They will help us to perform phytochemical study of microextracts exhibing biological properties including antifeedant, bactericidal, herbicidal and antioxidant activities.
Introduce my self...

Omar Santana Méridas, Ph D. in Biological Sciences (2000). Wide experience in chemical and biological studies of bioactive natural products, agronomy, breeding and management plant genetic resources.

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