Dissemination activities

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WG1 Expert group meeting on "Sequencing the Saffron genome" that was held in Rome, December 12-12, 2013 (Agenda and Minutes)

Food Chemistry Days 2015: Functional Foods (Photos and Programme)

COST INFO day (Athens, Greece, February 24, 2014): dissemination of the Action Results by Prof. M. Tsimidou (Chair) (EL). (Agenda)

XII International Scientific Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science: Defining Food by Magnetic Resonance FOODMR 2014, Cesena, Italy, 20-23 May2014: dissemination of the Action Results by Dr. R. Consonni (IT) (Webpage and Programme)

International Scientific Conference: IMEKO Foods Rome, Italy, October, 12-15, 2014 dissemination of the Action Results by the Chair Prof. M. Tsimidou(EL)-special lecture (Programme)

WG4 co-leader J.M. Thiercelin presented the main outcomes of the Action to the "4th Festival and National Conference of Saffron" in Torbat e-Heydarieh, Iran (November 3, 2015). You can find some photos in the following link

AUTh Educational activities October-November 2015. Professor Tsimidou and Dr Ordoudi presented the Action objectives and the Educational material produced for children 6-11 years in two meetings (~60 teachers of the primary school) In Thessaloniki. You can find some photos in the following link

Assist. Prof. N. Nenadis (WG2 member) made a short presentation of our Action outcomes to MSc students of the Department of Nutrition and Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jordan (relevant photos here)

ESR Dr. A Kyriakoudi received a postdoctoral funding for continuing on saffron traceability issues at the Italian National Agency for New Technologies

Dr. Tsimidou's keynote presentation about the scientific outcomes of our Action in the Greek Conference "Food Chemistry Days 2015: Functional Foods" on November 27, 2015

Educational material prepared by the AUTh team for high-school pupils (12-18 years old) [English and Greek versión]

Contribution (Slovenia, Jože Bavcon) [Plant Fascination Day, 2015]

Contribution (Portugal, Isabel Mafra) [Plant Fascination Day, 2015]

Link 1---Link 2

Contribution of AUTh (Greece) [Plant Fascination Day, 2015]

ACTIVITY 1. Within the frame of CONSUMER EDUCATION interests of the AUTH research group, Maria Tsimidou, Stella Ordoudi and Anastasia Kyriakoudi with the assistance of undergraduate students had collaborated with pupils of a High School class and their teacher, who did some preparatory work before visiting our laboratory and then on their return uploaded on the 18th of May material from their visit and a photo gallery from their experience in the school website (see the links below)

ACTIVITY 2. Professor Maria Tsimidou presented during her teaching visit at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania on the 18th of May, the objectives and achievements of saffronomics and in collaboration with two MSC students from Algeria and Morocco, strengthen the international links of SAFFRONOMICS by preparing a booklet with recipes (see the link below)

Link 1---Link 2---Link 3

Contribution of AUA (Greece) [Plant Fascination Day, 2015]

COST Action FA 1101 has been presented by Dr. S. Ordoudi (WG3 co-leader) in a colloquium on “Medicinal Foods and Health”

COST Action FA1101 "Saffronomics" has been presented in the framework of the "Journée d'étude du CEDDEM"

Measuring Antioxidant and Prooxidant Capacity Using the Crocin Bleaching Assay (CBA)" that was recently published --- [Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress III (Methods in Molecular Biology)]

Prof. Polissiou (AUA, Greece) are among the highly cited researchers in the Agricultural Sciences for 2014

COST Action FA1101 "Saffronomics" participates in the co-organization of two saffron events: [Flyer 1] [Flyer 2]

COST Action FA1101 "Saffronomics" has been present in the ICOB7: [Flyer]