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MSc. Liliana Meira (2015) MSc. Liliana Meira (2015)

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Genetic diversity of Croatian Crocus vernus Hill. population based on microsatellite markers

Dr. Panagiotis Madesis (2015) Dr. Panagiotis Madesis (2015)

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Authentication of wild crocus species as prerequisite for comparative molecular and cytogenetic analyses of C. sativus and its relatives in the Crocus series

Msc. Eirini Bosmali (2015) Msc. Eirini Bosmali (2015)

Downloads: 2

Genetic diversity analysis of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Populations using ISSR, SSR and DNA barcoding markers for Crocus authentication

Maria Tsiangali (2015) Maria Tsiangali (2015)

Downloads: 1

Exploitation of NMR database for quality control of commercial saffron samples

Giovanna Soffritti (2015) Giovanna Soffritti (2015)

Downloads: 2

Development of robust techniques for detection of bioadulterants in saffron, based on genetic fingerprinting

Erica Cusano (2015) Erica Cusano (2015)

Downloads: 2

Investigation of the metabolic profile through GC-MS, LC-DAD, FTIR and Raman techniques, of different parts of Crocus sativus L. cultivated in Italy

M.Sc. student Dafni Melidou (2015) M.Sc. student Dafni Melidou (2015)

Downloads: 1

1H-NMR-based metabolic profiling of saffron in authenticity assessment of commercial saffron samples

Dr. Mila Arapcheska (2014) Dr. Mila Arapcheska (2014)

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Population diversity analysis in wild crocus species from south-western region of the Fyr Macedonia using molecular tools

Dr. Matteo Busconi (2014) Dr. Matteo Busconi (2014)

Downloads: 2

Analysis of DNA methylation differences of saffron accession to assess epigenetic changes due to environmental conditions

Dr. Alessia Fiore [2014] Dr. Alessia Fiore [2014]

Downloads: 17
Improving “long mate pair” preparation protocol for genomic study on saffron