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organizationCoordination and organisation

Transversal collaborations, short term scientific missions, and meetings between the working groups will make it possible to reach the objectives. The large consortium possibility and the financial support for meetings and short term scientific missions as provided in the framework of COST, are crucial to achieve the objectives.

The Management Committee (MC) will manage the Action in compliance with the existing COST regulations. The MC will organise bi-annual meetings to monitor the progress of the Action. Seminars and workshops with all WGs will be organized in conjunction with these meetings. Working Group leaders, a Steering Group (SG), and an STSM Manager may be elected by the MC to assist with the management. Preferentially, the Steering Group could consist of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Working Group leaders, and the STSM Manager. The STSM Manager would also manage the organisation of the Training Schools, so that existing national (or international) graduate courses could be integrated with the Training Schools. One of the tasks of the SG would be to coordinate the publication of reports and proceedings from the Action, as well as to manage the publication of reports through the public Action website.

The establishment and publicity of the STSM system during the first year of operation will be an important milestone. The current Action should be able to manage at least ten STSMs per year. Another important milestone is the establishment of the system for Training schools and thus the integration or upgrading of state-of-the-art national graduate courses to serve the participants of the Action. The establishment of a working public Action website with up-to-date information of the Action is another important milestone, which should be achieved during the first year of operation. The arrangement of seminars, workshops, and WG meetings, according to the timetable depicted in the F section, is the fourth important milestone that theMC will be responsible of.