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The most important results from this Action will be new knowledge on OMICS technologies for crop improvement, traceability, determination of authenticity, adulteration and origin in Saffron. Main target groups for dissemination of information of such results are the Saffron farmers, plant breeders, food standards agencies, consumers’ defense associations, protected designations of origin (PDOs), associations of saffron producers, and entities involved in rural sustainable development. All of them are important target groups for the Action.

The MC will also maintain an active contact to the COST Products and Services (FPS) and the Food and Agriculture (FA) Domains.




The participating partners (mainly national research institutes and universities) will distribute interim and state-of-the-art reports, as well as proceedings and presentations from the COST Action to the national stakeholders. These papers will also be available through the public Action website. Saffron industry people will be invited to participate in the seminars and workshop of the Action.

The general scientific community will be informed through participation in national and international conferences and symposia, and through scientific publications. The Action will also aim at setting up an e-mail network for new information that includes related national research institutes and universities, in conjunction to those participating in the Action.

The Action will encourage researchers to publish their findings and the most outstanding results from the final report in peer-reviewed scientific and technical Journals. Furthermore, efforts will be put to also publish selected results in non-technical, popular science, publications to reach outside the scientific community.

The MC contact to the Domain FPS will be maintained by:

-Establishing close contact with the appointed liaison officer of the Domain Committee.

-Via the appointed rapporteur, by inviting him/her to the events organised by the Action and providing him/her all relevant reports and memorandums.

-Via attendance of the Chairperson or his/her representative at the meetings of the FPS DC when appropriate.

-Via annual progress reports.

In addition, the MC will inform Domain FA about its activities related to that Domain. The most feasible procedure for this communication will be decided together with the FPS liaison officer.



The dissemination methods listed in part H.2 aims at reaching as wide an audience as possible concerning the European Scientific Community and the Saffron related industries. The Action also aims at raising the awareness of the general European Community, as well as the industry, towards the development of OMICS technologies to improve quantity, quality, and honesty in Saffron production.

Especially young researchers will benefit from strengthening their future networks as well as their scientific capabilities.

The Short Term Scientific Missions and Training Schools offered within the Action will certainly contribute to this.

The dissemination plans will be evaluated by the MC on a yearly basis and revised at the end of the penultimate year of operations. The MC will also take into account any novel sufficient means of dissemination that may occur during the course of the Action.