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workshop on saffron

Omics Technologies for Crop Improvement, Traceability, Determination of Authenticity, Adulteration and Origin in Saffron.

International Workshop 18th June 2015; Milan-Italy

International workshop on saffron: bridging the gap between science and producers

The aim of this workshop is to promote scientists and producers interaction for improving production of saffron as well as its quality and authenticity determination. Several topics like agronomical, normative and analytical aspects involved in the saffron quality assessment will be presented and discussed. The general aspect concerning how to increase consumer acceptance towards saffron consumption will be also faced. Large and small producers, associations of producers, quality control laboratories and large distribution companies will be the principal recipients of this international workshop. Registration fee: 50 euros (VAT excluded), completed till 14/6/2015 (Please refer to application form for other details). The registration fee includes also lunch and coffee break.

Local organizer committee:

-> Dr. L.R. Cagliani
-> Dr. R. Consonni
-> Prof. A. Mozzarelli